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94 4.0l runs rough and dies when hot


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Dec 13, 2012
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I have a 1994 ranger 4.0l 4x4 stx
So one day I was out on the trail and my truck was running fine, shut it down, and it wouldn't start. The fuel pump was going bad so I was expecting this to happen anyways
Buy this is when my problems start. I replace the pump and filter and the truck is running great again, for about 2 weeks
After that, when the truck would warm up after driving it for a few miles it would run like absolute shit. It would shake and bounce and pop and misfire, but I could throw it in neutral and clear it out
This only worked for a week or so then the truck wouldn't even start
Check the shrader valve with the key on, no fuel. Pump went out again
So I replace the pump and it runs good for about a week then won't start
Put a fuel pump relay in it and it fires up, but still runs like shit when it gets hot

Now I'm stuck, I can't figure out the problem, and the truck runs so bad I can't even move it
I've replaced the MAF, PCV, cleaned the throttle body
Took it for a spin and same problem, but this time when it cut out, I jumped power across the fuel relay and it ran(enough to limp home)
If anybody has any ideas, it would be much appreciated