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'91 build thread


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Jan 27, 2011
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Hey all,
I bought a '91 ranger about a month ago. It has the 4.0....I like
I was planning on doin an sas with a ford 9 rear end. I just picked up my dana 44 last night. Got it complete from hub to hub with traction bars, tie rods for 200 bucks. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal. Its out of a '76 f150 i think.
Anyways any suggestions on where to start and how to build would be great.

I'm goin for a daily driver that will pretty much go through anything. I want a lot of flex.....but not way to much and I'm thinkin about rockin 37"s. I want to build it right and make everything as strong as possible.

I also can't decide whether or not to run leafs......coils seem like they would be a lot better for a daily driver but i cant decide!!!!!

Thanks!!!! Ill post some pics soon!!!!

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