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86 A4LD swap to 93 A4LD or Fix the 86??


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Oct 24, 2012
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I have a 1986 Bronco II with an A4LD Transmission. It has a smooth 1-2 shift and the shift from 2-3 is a very high rpm (4500 roughly). After the 2-3 shift, it will not shift to 4th at all. I did not have my 2-3 shift and then I replaced the shift modulator and got that back. I have two routes I am contemplating going:

Route 1.

Clean the governor in hope of getting a better 2-3 shift and then cleaning the valve body in hope of getting my 3-4 shift back. My fear is having a first gen A4LD that even if that does fix it that something else will go wrong in the near future from what I read from other users posts everywhere.

Route 2.

I found a guy that has a 93 A4LD from a 93 Explorer 4x4 (used the engine in his Ranger). Had 105,000 when pulled 3 months ago. Says he never had any problems with it at all and guaranteed to work for $75. IF I do this the issue becomes I have a transmission with no 3-4 shift solenoid and the newer transmission does. I have heard you can convert the wiring to accommodate this. Has anyone done it, know how to do it, or know of a post that talks about this? This seems like the best solution to get the newer transmission in the truck but I am worried about compatibility.

What are the expert opinions here? Thank you in advance for your help.