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84 Ranger - Putting in Stereo System+

What should I do to my 1984 Ranger

  • Don't paint it just keep it original

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  • Make it a convertible truck (I like)

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  • Add a Blazer/4-runner "top to it and put a ragtop sunroof in it

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  • Put it on E-Bay cause Im not rich, but its my only vehicle

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  • trade it off (for what idk)

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Mar 2, 2010
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I got an old 84 Ranger off my cousin it had been sitting up a while in his back yard (I think about two years) it still had the factory radio and no one had done any work on it in a while. It looks surprisingly similar to the January 2010 Street Truck of the Month :icon_thumby: (Even the same paint Job but I changed the tires and rims) I've got it back running and have had the engine reworked (plus, plug wires, Valve Cover gasket, oil-change, and another carburetor put on it. I still have to prime it when I first start it up (Don't like it though). It has duel gas tanks, but I only use the front one.
Now I moved on to putting in a cd player and new speakers. :icon_confused: So the top of the dashboard is all cracked and I figured out how to take out the old factory radio (no easy job too) and then i get to the "wacked" out wiring. okay a 3- wire group with a black wire loop is the power set..I think. Then there is a second connector which i think is for the two speakers. Crap. I got two 6-9 and two tweeters, guess I'm gonna have to add wires there. So it comes down to I have very little idea what wires are what because the color code for those wires are so very ancient.:icon_surprised:
Additional stuff. The windshield got hit by a hailball :sad: and has a nice round shatter spot right above the rear view mirror anchor and a few cracks. Its got crappy red worn out interior (plan to change. It has a sliding glass window and still has the "junky azz mind of their own lazy look down" mirrors (these bug the crap out me. The paint job isn't bad but it does have a couple of spots of rust. One is one the little rain lip above the drivers side door. A dent is on the drivers side of the bed toward the back of the bed rail. Other than that I think its not too bad. the back bumper where the ball goes has a decent bend arch in it up. and the tailgate looks kinda bad.
Things I want to do. New paint job. New brakes, Change the interior, put the radio in!! (I need my tunes!)

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Especially on the wiring of the radio!!
If u have RELAVANT information or know how to do this
text my cell phone or call and leave me your name and number and that it pertains to truck radio and I will call you back.

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