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4x4 Diagnosis 98 Ranger Auto Trans


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Apr 5, 2021
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Ford Ranger
Auto trans, and pulse vac hubs. Haven't tried 4x4 since I got it.

It has been sitting a while.

Other day I went out and tried the 4x4 selector. I got no dash lights, but I'm reasonably sure I heard the relay click twice. I also don't recall any upon startup/self test.

Today I went out and attempted to diagnosis what I thought was a bad tc module, or burnt out 4x4 bulbs. Upon startup I saw both 4x4 lights light up, and then the 4x4 low stay solid.
Thinking my issue was fixed.
I put in neutral, pressed brake pedal and attempted 4 high and 2wd shift. I can't recall hearing anything but 4x4 light was off.

Put it in drive or reverse and I heard a grinding sound, and no movement. I shut it down and upon startup got four high and four low lights flashing 6 times. I removed and cleaned tc motor connector and attempted to roll tc over manually, thinking it was in between settings.

No dice.

I checked every fuse and they are good. I shut down truck removed battery cables, started it up; and then I was able to go into drive or reverse, no grinding and full power.

Any ideas what the hell could cause this?