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4.6 Swap Tutorial


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I was actually wondering the same thing but unfortunatly no he didnt retain AC, as for heat i think he did. I think he cut up the stock blower box and reshaped it to fit the 4.6 and got rid of the evap core which also means no ac compressor on the engine. He seems like a smart guy he prolly culdve came up with a way to make the a/c work if he rlly wanted. I have an 01 explorer sport 2dr with a supercharged 4.0 with an eaton m90, i can almost guarentee that ill do a 4.6 swap one day but Im gonna wanna retain a/c, obv gotta go with the hydroboost just like in my 01 cobra to fit the 90 degree 4.6. But Ive been doing extensive research to see what I can do with my blower box to retain ac and Ive come up with a couple things. This is a ranger forum so Im sure youve all heard of the SVT Lightning Bolt? Ford took a Ranger and put a 5.4 SVT Lightning S/C motor in it. SVT Lightning Bolt At the time when I was researching I had to look at like 5 different articles/websites about the lightning bolt to find out what they went with for the blower box and evap core. Today its in the first Google result lol. They say that they used heat and a/c components from a E series van. You should be able to see some good engine bay shots from that link above where it has a different setup rather then the regular huge blower box. Looks like their might have to be changes to climate control components on the inside of the firewall as well maybe. The other idea I had would be to see what I can do with a/c components out of 06-10 Explorers or Sport Tracs. Id like to come up with a way before I undertake the swap but could always do it in the process plus thats like the one thing you never see in any v8 swap writeups for rangers or explorers or sport tracs is keeping the a/c.

Im also undecided as to weather I should go with an M5OD or just keep my 5r55E or maybe get a 5r55S which I think is pretty much the same thing as the E except the S has select shift and 1 or 2 of the gear ratios might be slightly different. Cause its also important I retain my 4WD. But I also figure if I had the 4.6 in it and rlly wanted to stay automatic 4wd I could go with a 6r80 maybe with 6speed select shift and also get the Borg Warner Torque on Demand (TOD) which has 2high, 4Auto, 4high, 4low or maybe just the Borg Warner 4419 electronic shift. I do like my Borg Warner 1356 tho. If I was gonna go stick I would prolly go with a T56 like i swapped into my cobra to get rid of the TR3650. Problem with a t56 is finding a transfer case adapter plate although Ive seen them.

My personal main truck never had ac....I have stuff to do it some time....and I will. But it has a humvee engine so it's definitely a little bit different..as compared to a sbf or sbc swap.

I have worked on many swaps...sbc and sbf and can retain ac easily even in the gen 1 style trucks just using some metal for the engine side of the evap housing.. it's not as efficient but works.

The triton or mod motor...like big blocks or my engine will likely be better done with vintage air...but on a ls application and a big block Chevy....with the second generation HVAC(post 95) we turned it on it's back on the wheel well and made ducts to feed the fan from the firewall and outlet to firewall ... Not awesome factory looking...but effective.

. I have used a van box in my bed before to heat it with a topper....for sleeping and ice fishing...

Today....it is super easy. Because making your own hoses is cake.

So...ac is not a problem. Cruise control can present more issues with current drive by wire platforms due to canbus systems ECT...


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