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3.0L Engine Mounts


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Jun 21, 2016
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I recently purchased a very nice 2000 ranger xlt super cab, I love it!!! But... the engine mounts/ vibration dampeners are bad and the engine and transmission move A LOT. When I hit a bump on the freeway I can feel the engine and trans move side to side way more than normal. I have the replacement parts, and was ready change the mounts bit when I got under the truck I couldn't figure out how to reach the bottom bolts on the mount that hold the mount to the frame. (It looks like there is no way to get a tool in the frame rail to reach the bolts) I've done some looking and cant seem to find anything on how to get the old mounts out.

Any help is greatly appreciated!! I love my new ranger and this is the last maintenance Item to do before I can start with the modifications. :yahoo:

Update: I had a shop do the motor mounts because my radiator was cracked and I didn't have time to fix both the week it happened so I had the shop do both. However, I still need to do the rear transmission mount and fix my AC compressor.
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