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2005 hi pressure hose corroded at rack, removal.


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Oct 5, 2007
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Toledo Ohio
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3.0 2.3
final stages of the 2.3 engine swap.
had the PS pump pulled off to the side, when I put it back together the pressure line leaked at the pump.
truck has 367,500+ miles on it, so I had no issue with replacing the original hose.
this is a rust belt Ranger, and it let me know that in a big way.
the pressure & return lines have O rings and just push in, are retained by a plate.
where the pressure hose connects to the rack was corroded in and seized, I pulled and beat on it for a couple hours with no progress whatsoever.

pulled the rack off for better access, and to prepare it for a possible "launching"
had to break the tube off, it was already mangled from pulling on it.

2022-07-08 19.48.37.jpg

2022-07-08 19.48.06.jpg

drilled some holes to relieve stress, and get penetrating oil in.

2022-07-08 20.15.36.jpg

I drilled in at an angle to avoid the rack housing, when corrosion powder came up the bit I knew it was in deep enough.
after some more bashing it finally came out, very little damage to the rack.

2022-07-08 20.21.22.jpg

filled the hole with grease to keep cleaning debris out, then picked, scraped, and wire-wheeled it. small Dremel wire wheel.

2022-07-08 20.24.38.jpg

final result. by the way, that small hole at the bottom is a moveable check valve do-hickey. I probably forced some grease past it.

2022-07-08 20.58.08.jpg

the stud is in good and solid, it did not want to come out. it kinda restricted access with tools. and I did not want to screw with the other 2 lines.

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