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2003 FX4 4.0-5.0 swap couple questions


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Aug 29, 2012
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well guys my computer skills are killing me on this project i have been over on the fordrangerforum and they don't know much about v8 swaps i hear you guys are a lot more knowledgeable on the topic i have a 2003 FX4 i have blown up 2 4.0's now i swapped the first one my self (biggest mistake of my life should have just done the 5.0 swap then and saved 1200 dollars for the price of the 4.0 i put in it that already blew up) so now i am looking for a doner explorer, i hear a different year explorer too buy from everyone, what really is the best year explorer to swap into an 03 4.0 thats my main question(98?). is there a automatic 5 speed i can bolt up to a 5.0? and should i literally just gut the whole ranger and explorer and put the entire explorer wire harness into the ranger does that work or do i have to cut bits and pieces out? im looking for an eddie bower explorer i want to have push button climate control and everything to be similar to rwenswing's truck i have tried talking to him about his truck but he seems like he does not want people knowing about it which is completely understandable not a single person knows what my cobra puts down or whats done to it so i see where he's coming from i just need someone that will talk to me for a bit and let me pick at there brain and answer a couple questions i have about this swap my truck is torn apart and i plan on starting to put the 5.0 in this week (i have a couple donors lined up) it is going to be a frame up restoration right now i have everything off the truck besides the cab,but the fenders bed motor ETC... is all ripped off and out. the plan is to have a full baja ranger with a blown 5,0 and full interior i know my way around a car and expessially rangers i have a 10 second 94 cobra its just time for the main Daily Driver to be fast haha im just new to V8 swapping them any information would be amazing!! im not some idiot you will have to explain what a spark plug is too just want to make sure everything i think i know is right so i don't mess this up and make it a super expensive driveway imprinter...

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