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2003 351w ranger edge brakes


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Jan 16, 2012
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I'm building a new ranger with a 351 and I'm hiding most of the wires so where the fuse box was is where all my brake lines run to, I want to say it's the proportioning valve, but I moved it back torwards the firewall and my question is:
If I don't plug in the plug that goes to it will my brakes not work properly? I've took out a lot of stuff that won't be needed like abs and all that (not gonna be a complete daily driver just street legal I guess) just don't know if there's something it does electrically that's important to how it functions. I only ask because my wires will be coming out on the opposite side and it's gonna be a pain to have to extend the wires for that plug all the way back over and find a good hidden spot to bring them back out. If I don't absolutely have to I don't want to. If I still had my other ranger running I would just unplug it myself to test how it drives but it's already tore down so thanks if anyone can answer this one for me.

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