2.9L to 289 or 351 Options


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Aug 6, 2007
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green bay wi
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2.9L to 289 or 351 Options

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Switch to: Linear+ motocross Jul 30 2007, 03:36 PM Post #1

Been here a while

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hi i have a 1988 ford ranger 4X4 THE motors a 2.9l and has a mad oil leak from where the motor / tranny conect and my trannys slippin abit so i have a 289 block and 351 block and my dads friend will build be a motor quick he thinks it would be awsome in a ranger . he thinks the 289 block would be easier because the 351 is a bigger block and i have a small truck , he will be building it so it will probably be the 289 is there anything rong with this motor ? any reasin why i shouldnt swawp it in ? . i was also wondering if there is any 289 conversion kids for putting this in i reamember seeing some awhile ago but i dont remember where. if i do this what kind of transmision should i use and what rear ends ?

my truck has a body lift so this should make it easier right ?

thanks motocross

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superrob Jul 30 2007, 03:44 PM Post #2

Working towards my 6th wrench...

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The 289 is basically a 302, just with different bore and stroke if I'm not mistaken. Same block though. The 351 will fit no problem, but its easier if you have a body lift.

Search the threads in the V8 Swap Forum for parts that you'll need, like a oil filter relocator, V8 Radiator, probably an electric fan, stuff like that.

Any transmission should work well for you I dont think that there was a particularly crappy one that was mated to a V8, but I'm sure someone will prove me wrong....lets just say not particularly crappy when compared to a Mistu 5spd or an A4LD.

I'd probably go for the 351, because if youre going through the effort I'd want the most result out of it, and a 289 doesnt really stack up compared to it....or to say the least the differences will be immense.

Make sure your putting in at least an 8.8 inch rear end, or a 9 inch, whichever is easier to get ahold of. And before too long I'd look for a Dana 35 front end from a 91? - up ranger. It'll serve you better than the Dana 28 will, those axle shafts are kinda spindly and the UJoints arent that great!

Good Luck!

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shep 44 Aug 1 2007, 08:34 AM Post #3

I like this place......

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If you use the 289 make sure it's a 6 bolt bell housing block and not a 5 bolt. Not a lot of tranny options for a 5 bolt.

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85_Ranger4x4 Aug 1 2007, 09:41 AM Post #4

Getting CRT Burns

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If I had both sitting on the bench in the same condition I would go with the 351 hands down. However a friend gave me a rebuildable 289 and a C-4 to get it out of his way, so that is the route I will be going as well. The 289 is great engine that will make a fool most stock 302's, the first ones (pretty much a stroked 289) and the later ones when they figured out how to pass emissions and make a somewhat decent amount of power would be the only ones that could compare. You will need a double sump oil pan with the dipstick in it though. I forget what the exact application was but it has been discussed on here before, as well as how to run a later serpintine belt on the 289, which is handy as not many 289's came with power steering, and not many Rangers didn't.

Even a 7.5 will hold either fairly well, if you are going to be hard on it go with the 8.8 though