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2.9 Starter problems


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Jun 13, 2016
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Bronco ii
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2.9 V6
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2WD / 4WD
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Hey guy, I wanted some input on a reoccurring problem I have again with the bronco 2. The trucks got a 2.9 with a fm145 tranny out of a 85 ranger in it. The truck sometimes makes a clatter or almost grinding sound for a split second as the engines ignites. Right as you crank it over and the engine starts turning under its own power. Ive has many issues with chewed up flywheels and starters in the past. that said if you kick the inertia switch so the engine wont start you don't get any funny noises as you engage and disengage the starter. My theory is that the starter/tranny/dust shield alignment is a little off, maybe a few thousands of an inch which is causing the starter Bendix gear to not retract fast enough when the engine fires up...…...causing the clacking grinding sound. Heres the last piece of the puzzle, the truck starts fast, and I mean really fast. You get MAYBE 3/4 of an engine revolution and BOOM its running. personally I feel this is way too fast and it should crank over maybe 2-2/12 times before igniting. This problem is also more prevalent once the engine is warm, I.E I drive somewhere and go to restart. The dust shield between the tranny and the block is warped a bit but its the worst right near the starter. im wondering if mabe even if I have the starer torqued down the shield could still push it out of alignment just enough to cause this issue. I replaced the rear main, clutch, flywheel, starter and all that fun stuff a few months ago so the only real thing I can think to do is unbolt the tranny, pull the dust shield out and make an exact copy out of sheet metal of the same thickness. thoughts?

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