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2.5L exhaust manifold question ?

Slo Ranger Trk

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Aug 3, 2010
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Good day all out there in TRS land ...
to start with - my truck isn't a race truck, hi po monster, or any thing like that ... I live in central California , we don't have snow or ice, and it's not like living in a oven or muggy like Flordia ...
my p/u is a 2000-2.5L-5 speed- long bed ... it has aa camburg 5x5 front end w/ fox canister shocks, 7.5" rear/diff w/4.56 ls diff mounted on 4x4 ranger springs & bell-tech 6400s' ... Also remember that i have tooo deal with c.a.r.b. specs (smog city)
the hardest duty this thing sees is fire roads in the national forest ...hauling me, my wife and the dogs ( don't forget the cooler) just a cruzer, not beat on at all ... since i've owned it the tires haven't been off the ground - except to rotate the tires, with all that ,
My question is, if anyone knows of a better flowing exhaust manifold than the factory installed one ? Also, from the "cats" back @ the flex joint, i've had 2.25" tubing installed back to the flowmaster 2.25 in/out, then dumped just in front of the axle...
hey all thanks for your time - help & input ... http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_thumby.gif
Gods Speed, Mahalo all, Ray