1994 Black 3.0 5sp. 4x4 Extended Cab $1250 obo (PHILA)


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Aug 9, 2017
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LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA
TRUCK: 1994 Ranger 3.0 5sp Manual
MODS: 3" lift
MILEAGE: 162,000
CONDITION: Fair to Good for its age

I've lurked on here for years and learned most of what I know about Rangers from everyone's generous posts - so thank you!

And I don't want to do this, but I'm running out of space for projects...

My truck has been sitting for far too long and it needs to go somewhere it will be loved and driven. I recently bought a house and have no room to store it or time to work on it. I finished a bunch of work on the truck about three years ago but didn't have time to finish what it needed to pass inspection and wasn't going to pay anyone else to do it. So it's been sitting ever since (well, ever since I was stopped for driving it with a lapsed inspection after I reassembled it and road tested it! :) Yeah, I know... 54 years old and still a farm girl at heart! (And yes, I did almost all the work myself - except the transmission and clutch.)

It will not pass inspection as is, but I'm including parts for everything that was flagged (except tires.) Otherwise, it's a good truck and I've worked out almost all the big problems on it. It's worth far more in parts than it is whole but I'd like it to go to someone who will care for it. I ended up buying another truck just so I could pass inspection. Then work got busy and THAT truck needs work. So I've bought something else and I still have no time! ;)

Work done before being parked:
  • replaced all shock shackles and bushings
  • replaced spring shackles and bushings
  • new shocks all round
  • a couple of new brake lines (front hoses done about 500 miles before parking)
  • fuel pump replaced about 1000 miles before parking
  • Fuel filler neck
  • new steady bearing about 1000 miles before parking
  • new transfer motor about 3000 miles before parking
  • new rear bumper
  • new taillights
  • new headlights
  • painted front bumper and supports, replaced stock bumper valance with fog light model
    POR15'd the rear frame
  • Transmission and clutch were replaced with a low-mileage one about 7 years ago, maybe 10,000 miles since.
  • rain guards
  • body mounts (included)
  • fuel tank hanger (included)
  • bed bolts (included)
  • wheel cylinder (included)
  • nerf bars (included)
  • fog lights (included)
  • tires (not included, current ones are too smooth on rear but still look ok and hold air, 31x10.5R15 on the black "soft D wheels", they now need paint but they're nice enough looking.)
  • headlights aimed
  • there is a small hole in the frame on the left rail but the surrounding metal is solid. Should probably be filled. Rest of frame is in good shape for it's age. I have the original bull bar from it, but it is more than a bit rusty and would take some work to clean up.
I'm including all the spare parts I accumulated: wheel bearings, drums, rear brake hardware etc.

I have the overhead console for the interior but it's not installed yet (I believe that was known as the Explorer console mod??) . Interior is rough but serviceable. There are scratches in the headliner that look like a cat tore it apart (before my time) , but it isn't drooping. Armrest is missing lid and is slightly bent.

There's a poly toolbox in the bed that you can keep as well, doesn't fit the new truck. There's some surface scratches in the tailgate . Poly bedliner is in good shape. Has good-quality pop-up tie downs on the bed.

For a 25 year old vehicle, it's in nice enough shape. It was a lot of fun to drive and it rumbled just enough when I opened it up! ;)

Asking $1250.

Thanks for reading,
- Cat