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1994 4x4 Reverse Lockout Spring


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Apr 26, 2010
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Halifax Nova Scotia
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4 litre
I was removing the shifter in my new to me 1994 Ford Manual 4x4 when I heard the Reverse Lockout release it's tension.

I think I have a pretty good handle on how this whole area works. But, there's a spring that maintains the tension for the Reverse Lockout and I think this guy has slipped from it's home. Does anyone have any idea where the upper end of this spring should go? I can see a little of it but there's no way in hell I can get a good view of it. It would appear the entire truck is built around it.:bawling:

I have either Reverse Lockout On all the time No Reverse Lockout at all. Either one of these modes are set by whether or not I have the Lockout engaged or dis-engaged during assembly.

There is some tension on the Lockout prior to setting either modes. However, once the Lockout is pushed to the limit that it would be during operation, the tension increases until the spring slips, you can hear it and tension is then lost and given to the opposite direction. At this stage the same applies but in the opposite direction. Push the Lockout in the opposite direction. The spring slips and resets tension for the previous direction.

Where should the upper end of this spring be to maintain tension? I know which way the tension should be; I just can't maintain it. I can see very little of the Lockout assembly and have even less to work with so any advice is greatly greatly welcome.:icon_bounceblue: