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1985 and 1989 bronco II owner

chayse brooks

New Member
Mar 2, 2015
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Hello everyone, I thought I would post to here to introduce my self. I own a 1985 bronco II 2.8 v6 --- this is my to be trail rig, I also just became the owner of a 1989 bronco II with the 2.9 v6. I picked up the 89 for 600 and was going to use it for parts but then I got to looking around and thought hey why not have two running drive-able bronco IIs plus this one is way nicer than my 85 as it has a/c cruse control, and is a lot more put together than the 85. oh I forgot to mention it came with another complete 2.9 and complete upper and lower intake. The guy I bought it from had said there was no spark and he couldn't get it running, but so far I've spent 20 bucks and switched two electrical connections and it gets spark now. all thats left for the 89 is going to be fixing a rust hole on the roof and for some reason its missing the spring shackle on the back passenger side, then paint and done.
As for the 85..... This is my first bronco II which I have learned everything I know about them on (thanks to TRS and the Broncocorall and a guy known around where I live for being the go to person when your rbv breaks down). So for the 85. I plan on making this a trail rig, starting with sas and ending with maybe a 302 but we will see.

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