1000 Mile review, Dodge Dart Rallye


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Aug 6, 2007
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I am not going to go into the details on the reasons we filed Bankruptcy except it was all medical bills..... Like over $100,000 for surgeries and cancer treatments that wasn't covered by insurance over the last 5 years.

Since I needed something to make payments on I decided to buy a new car because I couldn't afford a new truck, I decided to buy a commuter car. I saw an ad on craigslist for a Brandnew Dodge Dart for $12K. It ended up being a Brandnew 2014 (21 miles on it) rally red Dart Rallye edition with a 6spd auto (DCT I think) and 2.4L tigershark engine plus I bought it at Sunset so it has a 200K bumper to Bumper warranty and a Lifetime powertain warranty. all I have to do for the first 200K miles it put gas in it and change the oil, even the brake pads are covered.... all in was $13,993.

options: 7" infotainment screen, Uconnect, Backup camera, A/C (yes, still an option in the PNW) Custom Leather interior (done locally for the car show 4 years ago), PW, PL, PM, CC.

Power: 2.4L Tigershark engine and 6spd auto (possibly DCT?)
I am inpressed with the 183hp produced by the engine. Its sporty and with the 6spd tiptronic makes it fun to drive, specially in the corners and it will knock the doors off my friend's Turbo Passat. It will also knock its tires off at the light if you turn the tranction control off.

However, I am not impressed with the fuel consumption. I drive it the same way I drove my 08 Ford Focus (that my wife traded in on a 2016 Patriot) and the Focus avg 33 mpg mixed city/hwy. The Dart gets 23.6 mixed driving.

Being Red ..... and I mean red.... it attracts a lot of attention, I drive it to work every Saturday and all the little girls (under 25 since I am 42) ask when I am going to take them for a ride (it might also help that I have lost 90 pounds since my first time through chemo, and am at a healthy weight). I only take it on Saturdays because it is still riding season and I am too stubborn to park my bike for the season....

if you're a young dude and want a car that will pull bitches (if you are into girls that date a dude for his car) but cant afford a lot on a car..... get a Dart Rallye or GT.

I lost my Harley in the bankruptcy. So I replaced it with a V65 Magna I picked up for $100 that had a possible bent frame. Best $100 I ever spent on a bike. It's fast AF, I have not found a top speed yet and I pull 140 (top speed rating for my tires) on the empty freeway (2am) on my way to work on the regular. if you don't know anything about V65 Magnas and Sabres (also going to include the VF1000r Interceptor), these were considered super bikes back in 1984