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03 edge with 5.0 Auto to manual T-5 swap


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Jan 16, 2012
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Hi, I've posted a a couple times through this build to get some help getting it running. I have an 03 Edge with 97 5.0 from mountaineer. I have the auto in and it runs fine but I've always wanted a 302 ranger but always planned on a T5. Since my truck was already auto I went the easy route but I was wondering how hard it would be to swap a newer Tremec T-5 from either a v6 or v8 mustang. Idk which one it came out of but I know it's the newer Tremec with the longer input shaft and I've already got the T-5 and a 94/95 5.0 bell housing, back plate, 50oz flywheel, hydraulic slave cylinder made to bolt to a t5 bell in a ranger (I made it from a previous swap that was never finished) so just wondering how I could tune out the auto and if possible keep my speedometer working. The T5 I have has an electric plug in at the back with 2 wires where the older ones have a cable....I also have a set of Pro Comp aluminum heads and Harland sharp 1.6 rockers I could throw on it. Would I notice any difference in power and would I have to have a tune for it to run right with these parts? And it's not a discussion on how shitty you think the pro comps are just seeing since they're sitting brand new doing nothing and never been ran if they would flow better than the GT-40 iron heads. They're 210 intake runners and 2.02/1.60 valves....any info is appreciated!

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