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y pipe

  1. stamina

    98tm vs 95tm 4.0 exhaust manifolds and y pipes

    i have a 95tm 4.0 block and heads that i am running on a 92 computer. the 4th cylinder has low compression due to a valve issue so i am going to purchase anew casting head. for whatever reason no company makes new casting 95tm heads anymore (fast-burn chamber + large exhaust ports) they only...
  2. stamina

    2x o2 sensor bung y pipe question

    which port should i have my o2 sensor in? the newer y pipe for the 4.0 for the trucks with 2 o2 sensor ports had one closer to the manifold on each side as compared to the 2.9 and early 4.0 y pipe that had 1 o2 sensor bung at the collector. i have the early wiring harness/computer so i have 1 o2...
  3. Can't find y pipe replacement

    I have 98 3.0 4x4. My y pipe has a split at the junction. Sick of patching it every couple months and i need to replace it. My problem is my y pipe has no cats. I only have the 2 after the y pipe. Has 3 o2 sensors 2 on the y and 1 after the double cat. The y pipe looks stock and it runs fine, so...
  4. Ranger y pipe

    Has anyone tried the explorer y pipe on there ranger? I have to think it's the same. 95 4.0, its just only listed for the explorer. Last piece I need for my exhaust rebuild.

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