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  1. Need help with rear lighting wiring 1994 Ranger XLT 2.3L manual 2wd

    Converting to a flatbed. Purchased Led light bar. LINKITOM 40 LED Truck Tail Light Bar wires are: Red, Green, White, Yellow, Black (5 Wires) out of back of lightbar Installation instructions as follows: Black- Ground Black & Red-brake light Black & Green- Tail/running light Black & White-...
  2. MahLahChee

    1990 Ranger will not shift to 4x4 Low... unique situation

    Hey all! Searched everywhere online and couldn't find an answer, so I hopped on this forum to ask some of you wise folks. I have a very unique Ranger, 1990 single cab, 4.0 v6, automatic but was converted to a manual 5spd. The original electric shift T case was kept. Also has Dodge Dana 60 axles...
  3. 2.3L ('83-'97) Weird problem with fuel pump not getting enough power.

    1994 ford ranger xl 2.3 2wd Okay so I had this problem awhile ago and haven’t gotten around to fixing it. Basically the fuel pump either isn't being grounded correctly or isn’t getting the right power. I can’t seem to find where the ground is going wrong. I can get the car started by manually...
  4. Wiper Wiring diagram for 95 Ranger Super Cab

    Mice must have gotten up into my Ranger last winter and chewed through some wiring. I’ve replaced the switch on the steering column hoping that was the issue. It seems my options are pull the dashboard out and look for/repair the chewed wires, or run new wires for the switch/motor/pump. Where...
  5. Acgallen

    1985 Bronco 2 Power issues

    I am in the midst of swapping my 4.0 into my 85 bronco 2. Before pulling the engine, i had all lights and signals. After pulling the engine and engine harness there is no power to anything. Lights should be on an independent circuit, but nothing is working. Excuse my crude drawling but this is...
  6. help i need to find wiring diagram for the 3 plug on the fire wall 1997 b2300

    so a few month back i finish my v8 swap 1997 b2300. with a fitech so i ended up taking the whole wiring out and delete quite a lot of wiring to make it prettier, did my best job but truck ended up parked for atleast 4 month havent touched it so kinda forgot where i was with the project and...
  7. SJB 15amp Subwoofer Fuse

    Decided to make an account to see if anyone knows anything about the 15amp subwoofer fuse in the SJB on an 05 Ranger. My truck came with no powered door options, no rear speakers, no center console, the base stereo, and nothing else to indicate my truck should have the pins present for a...
  8. RustRatz

    Unsure of what this connector is for

    Found 4 pin connector on same wiring that goes to alternator. Unsure of what it does. Wire colors are yellow/white, black, black/yellow, green/red.
  9. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: G101 Ground wire disconnected. What does it go to?

    While chasing down a code 41 that I've just about had it with, I was tracing wires and vaccum lines when I noticed the Ground wire to RH fender near the battery leads to nothing. Does anyone know what this grounds? The wire is still ground to the fender but doesnt lead anywhere. In my vac and...
  10. WackoRanger

    O2 Sensor Issue!!

    Hello, Shortly after I fixed the same 1997 Ford Ranger 3.0l Engine, the same problem came back after I replaced the PCM. For about 3 days I was able to run the truck completely normally and reliably. When I got in the truck to head home after work last night, it started having the same issue...
  11. 2.3L ('83-'97) Engine harness need help

    I have a 1994 2.3 ranger with a 5 speed. I bought it not to long ago and it's run a little rough at times. So went to replace the icm thinking that was the problem. Unfortunately it is the harness someone used a bunch of house ground wire to repair it and now it's my problem. I really l I e...
  12. chuck_dungus

    Fuel pump relay wiring

    So... I am a bit confused. I've been having a fuel delivery problem and have narrowed it down to a loose fuel pump relay connection. My idea is to solder in a new fuel pump relay connector but I've run into a few issues. First of all, it seems like the connector in there now has two wires...
  13. RangerGoolz

    What are these plugs for?

    I have three unplugged plugs on the left side of my engine bay. They are between the airbox and firewall. Does anyone know what these could be for? One thing I am realized in the month I have had my 86 is that even when I turn the key on before completely starting I never see the engine light...
  14. stamina

    4.0 wiring harness install

    after installing the 4.0 harness from a 92 explorer into my 90 ranger i’m having a few issues, first off, green dash lights won’t come on, blower motor does not work, radio does not work, check engine light is on but is very dull but the other indicators (red brake and orange rear anti lock)...
  15. stamina

    how to do the wiring for a4ld to m5r1 swap

    i need to know how to do the wiring for reverse lights and anything else on the transmission that needs to be messed with i’m really not good at this stuff LOL
  16. 2.3L ('83-'97) 1991 Ranger 2.3 Turbo Swap Tachometer Not Working

    I'm finishing up an engine swap from a 1988 Thunderbird Turbocoupe into my Ranger, it's a '91 that had the N/A 2.3 in there before the swap, so it has been mostly plug and play. After ironing out some fuel issues, it seems to start and idle fine now, but I found that the tachometer isn't working...
  17. 2.5L ('98-'01) O2 sensor heating element Issue, 1998 Ranger 2.5L

    1998, 2.5L ranger, 2WD, manual So I have had issues with the upstream O2 sensor since i got the truck over a year and a half ago. I dont exactly remember when it started throwing a code for it, maybe right after I bought it, certainly not long after I bought it. It seemed like it used to get...
  18. Acgallen

    1993 Mustang Harness into 1992 Ranger Harness Help

    So I've finally reached the point where the long block is assembled (for the most part) and now I'm swapping the A9L mustang computer with the matching harness into the ranger. Ive dug around for a while trying to figure out what is necessary to splice. I've found (By Bob) that connector 39 (8...
  19. Gangwer296

    Alternator plug HELP

    My 4.0 1991 ranger has a pig tail unlike any replacement alternators at orielly. It is the style with two outer clips instead of the more round single clip connection. Do I need to just replace this pig tail?? I’m currently broken down I’m going to replace the alternator in the morning when...
  20. Nicworrell94rangwr

    Update on my 2000 4.0 C4 swap to my 94 Ranger

    Here’s the engine and trans along with everything else that came with. I’m looking into a wiring harness but I’m having issues finding one, if anyone has access to one please let me know. Also dash and gauge cluster any recommendations on where I can get those?

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