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  1. Have to reset power to get things to work. 1996 Ranger.

    So I have a truck that sometimes the wipers won't work and neither will the dome light or bed lights unless I pull the battery cable and put it back on. Also the door chime won't work but I feel like that is a blessing. Then they will work for the first couple of times the truck starts then will...
  2. Wiper no power issue fixed

    My wipers went out and I was testing fuses, nearly was ready to do the switch. #5 radio/acc fuse was blown made them work again. It's not mentioned that it supplies power to thecircut somehow. Hope this helps out someone.
  3. **Indicator and Hazard Light Problem**

    Ok, here goes. When I first got my ranger a few months ago, only the right turn signal, and right hazard (partly) worked. My right turn signal worked fine, but my right hazard only stayed on (didn't blink). So, just as a temporary fix, i hooked up a completely different flasher to run the...

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