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wiper motor

  1. Bgunner

    Wiring diagram for wiper motor 94 Ranger XLT

    So I went out and dug out my truck today and went to wash the windshield and my wipers stopped in the up position and wont move on there own now. My pissers still work and if my understanding is correct they are on the same circuit so no blown fuse... I think? I'm thinking a bad wiper motor but...
  2. RangerNielsen

    1988 Ranger Wipers Do Not Work

    I have a 1988 Ranger with the 2.9L 4x4 5speed. The wipers do not work at all, and the fuse is good, I had that tested today. If I turn the wipers on, I can move them manually up about half way. There is a second switch that came with the truck so I am led to believe that the switch has been...

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