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windshield wipers

  1. Possibly bad GEM module

    Hi all, brand new here! I have a 1998 Mazda B3000 that I think the GEM is going bad on from reading the different forum posts from here and elsewhere. The truck's speedometer and the windshield wipers don't work. This has been occurring intermittently pretty much since I got the truck a couple...
  2. 99 Ranger speed sensor?

    I recently begin having shifting/speedometer issues with my 99 ford ranger..I replaced the speed sensor on the rear axle and for a while it seemed to do fine and then it ceased to work again, also..my windshield wipers will not work from time to time..is there anything i can do with the rear...
  3. Wipers misaligned?

    Hey, I went through a car wash a couple of months ago and ever since then the driver-side wiper has been misaligned. By misaligned I mean it is pushed up towards the top of the of the windshield. THis throws it off when they are on because it goes to far the driver-side edge and not clearing the...

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