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  1. RangerGoolz

    86 ranger lowered new wheels and problems

    So I have an 86 ranger standard cab 2wd 2.9. I recently lowered it using a 3/5 kit and air shocks for the rear. So then I went and bought brand new chrome american racing wheels 18x7 with +6mm offset. Well here comes the fun. I knew it would be close on the front for rubbing the wheelwell...
  2. For Sale Ranger / Bronco wheels

    Hi selling wheels for ranger or bronco 285 70 17 BFG KO2 with 11/32 about 80% tread On Icon vector 6 olive rims 6x5.5 with 93.1 bore Selling them together for $1100 Or just the rims for $500
  3. 97 Ranger XLT rwd wheel + tire sizes.

    Hey all, I have a 1997 ford ranger XLT RWD. 4.0L V6. It currently has 225/70/R14s on it. I'd like to get a bigger rim/tire, just wondering what my options are and any suggestions would be appreciated ! Thanks in advance
  4. Wee wee wee wee wee

    I’m having one problem after another and the only thing saving me is Ranger station so thanks for all your help guys! I’m learning a bunch. So now onto my new problem. For whatever reason my wheels are making this annoying noise. It doesn’t seem to be affected by the breaks and the best way I...
  5. sauceman

    Hubcaps or centercaps that would look good on a 2nd gen Ranger (1992)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some input as to what hubcaps I should throw on my 1992 Ranger, I have some chrome center caps, but I'd like something that better compliments the classic look of the vehicle. Let me know what you guys think would look best!
  6. sauceman

    Custom made Mazda Centercaps

    I've searched through countless salvage yards and could not find any center caps for my Mazda B2500, Instead of paying a pile of money to buy them online, I took some center caps off of a ford ranger, and made them into Mazda caps. I used some Bondo to remove the ford logos from each cap...
  7. Kylem40

    Trying to figure out the right wheels.

    I have a 1995 Ranger xlt. I'm in the process of lowering it and 8.8 explorer swapping it. I'm trying to figure out the right wheel to run. I've seen and read some of the wheel threads but it still doesnt help. I know the 8.8 is wider or at least the explorer 8.8 is then the stock 7.5. I found a...
  8. Ranger-Roush

    15" steel wheels with lug caps

    I have a set of 15" steel wheels for a ranger with.lug caps for sale in upstate ny. $100
  9. GriffinM6

    What wheel is this?

    So I just purchased this 1993 2wd Ranger about 2 months ago and was not given much information about what has been done to it. I’ve searched the wheels for any markings as well as looked at the ranger stations stock wheel chart but have come up with no results. Tire size is 235/75r15 and the car...
  10. 2011 2WD XL Tire Upgrade

    I’m in need of some help picking out new tires for my Ranger. I drive a bone stock 2WD 2011 XL automatic regular cab with a 2.3l 4 cylinder. The truck has stock 4.10 gears. No lift, no suspension — stock. I am currently running stock 225/70r15 Continental tires. I am interested in upgrading...
  11. Otis413

    Hub size & some wheels..

    Not a question, more of an FYI, earlier this year I was hunting for some wheels to put my summer tires on, and found a LOT of conflicting info on hub size and wheel center bore sizes. All I could find for sure was that '98 & up are different the 97 and older Rangers. I pulled my wheels on my 02...
  12. Spacer Size For 19" Premium Mustang Wheels

    So...straight to the point, I've never ran spacers on any vehicle I own. I acquired a 2002 Ranger a while back and finally picked up some decent wheels for it. They're 2010-2012 Mustang GT Premium wheels. I'm wanting to put some spacers on it , but nothing overkill. Could anyone recommend what...
  13. Lowering & Custom offset Help Needed

    I'm a new member her and would like some help with wheel backspacing and offset. Before you say there's an article on backspacing for this, I know. I'm about to buy a 96 2WD XL Ranger after my next paycheck for $300. Sure there's problems, but I couldn't care. It needs tank straps, leaf spring...
  14. Wheel offset question

    I have a 98 ranger and am trying to decide on wheels. Does anyone know the correct size/offset that will fit without tire rub? I'm looking to go about as big as possible. Thanks
  15. 98 4x4 Ranger frontend vibrating tons after bump

    Hello all, I have a (98 Extended Cab 4x4 XLT) and whenever I go over any sort of bump or seam in the road like on the highway, there is a loud thud and then the cab starts vibrating really badly... I have searched the forums but can't find what it is. The vibration is not from the motor because...
  16. 19x8.5 +45mm tire size

    Hey guys! I've been searching for hours and cant find a definite answer, so excuse me if this has already been discussed on this forum. I just bought new rims for my ranger. As mentioned in the title they are 19x8.5 with a +45mm offset. my question is; what size tires can i use? I want some low...
  17. back spacing

    what is the maximum amount of back spacing an i beam ranger can handle before it hits suspension at full lock turning?
  18. 33x10.5x15 with the 2.3

    How would 33x10.5x15 tires do with the 4 banger? I have regeared up to 4.10 and I've got a body lift im gonna install to fit 33's, i just wasn't sure if the engine will turn 33's well with 4.10 gears or not. Also, any pics of a ranger with 33x10.5x15 would be appreciated too
  19. New tires and a TPMS question

    So my factory original Wrangler RT/S tires have managed to last 66k miles and I'm getting tired of the squealing every time I take a corner. Not to mention the awful wet and snow performance they had, but I was cheap and I managed to push them to the max I think I can get from them. Now I'm...
  20. 98-99 4wd wheel bearings

    I've looked over the forums, and tech articles and cant seem to find the answer to my question. So if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. I have a 99 4.0 4wd xlt, it has pvh hubs, the bearings in the wheel assembly are going out, my question is: Can I replace...

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