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wheels and tires

  1. 97 Ranger XLT rwd wheel + tire sizes.

    Hey all, I have a 1997 ford ranger XLT RWD. 4.0L V6. It currently has 225/70/R14s on it. I'd like to get a bigger rim/tire, just wondering what my options are and any suggestions would be appreciated ! Thanks in advance
  2. For Sale 8-Slot Ranger Wheels & Tires - $325

    Reply here or via Craigslist if interested! Thanks. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pts/d/seattle-ford-ranger-wheels-tires/7208544165.html
  3. Wheels and tires

    I'm about to place new rims and tires on my 1998 ranger XLT 2wd ..they are 8x15" wheels with 3.75 back set and -19mm offset the tires are 275/60/R15 cooper GT's will this work without modification :beer: I've done all the math but would like a professional opinion.
  4. bobaloo

    5 x 4.5?

    Hi all, I've been getting different info from various sources. I have a '94 Ranger with 14" rims. I'm looking to upgrade to the P71 16" (police rims) from a Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis etc. I would settle for a set of stock black steel 16" wheels, But are they all the same? I recall Mopar...
  5. Need Help! Axle flip kit questions

    Hello i am dylen and i drive a 1996 ford ranger single cab long bed automatic. Bone stock i just purchased a 83-09 ranger axle flip kit 5" drop it says with the added bottom plate and was wondering if that is okay just putting the flip kit on. Also if anyone knows the size wheels ill be able to...
  6. Wheel/tire upgrade for 2003 Ranger XL?

    Need advice. Interested in upgrading the stock wheels tires on a 2003 Ranger XL, regular cab, 118" wheelbase, 3.0V6... all stock, no lift. Really like the look of Pro Comp 7089 Series Alloy Wheels and specs of Michelin Latitude Touring tires. Question: would there be any problems with the...
  7. Wheel spacers?

    Are wheel spacers a good idea vs. offset rims? I have a 96 ranger with the 4.0L. I don't wanna run 12.5" wide tires but I want a nice offset look. any thoughts?:icon_surprised:
  8. slicks and skinnies second gen

    what size front and rear wheels do you guys recommend and what is the proper backspacing for them I cant seem too find too much. I really don't want them popping out in the front and rear :dunno:
  9. Bronco Slides in Wet Weather

    Hi everyone. My first post here. I got this Bronco 2 XLT a few Months ago. Since I got it I had the brakes fixed, shocks replaced, fuel filter replaced, tires replaced, oil changed a few times, Marvel Mystery oil in the engine and gas tank. The problem i have with it now is the back wheels lock...

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