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  1. Spark Plug advice/Reco.1993 XLT 3.0L v6

    Hello everyone i just recently purchased a 1993 2WD XLT Extended Cab, 3.0L v6 automatic 91,000 miles/ 1 owner I will be using this truck as my daily driver for work. I will be driving from Texas to wherever my company needs me which could be, ohio, West Virginia, Kansas, Florida etc. I am...
  2. 3.0 vulcan MLS head gaskets?

    I'm getting ready to pull the heads in my 94 3.0 vulcan and replace an exhaust valve and lap all the others. From what I can see, it has MLS head gaskets, but I can't find them for this year. Will they work off of another year 3.0? I understand MLS is more for aluminum to cast and aluminum to...

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