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  1. Vulcan piston pin removal

    I was surprised to find no posting of this topic in the entire site, so let me write up how I did it. This is based on the vise technique shown in this video (credit): How to easily remove piston bolt without a press. I am calling it piston pin (or wise pin) as it should be. Here is an...
  2. 3.0 vulcan MLS head gaskets?

    I'm getting ready to pull the heads in my 94 3.0 vulcan and replace an exhaust valve and lap all the others. From what I can see, it has MLS head gaskets, but I can't find them for this year. Will they work off of another year 3.0? I understand MLS is more for aluminum to cast and aluminum to...
  3. Blue_Bunny72

    Higher Viscosity Oil for Knocking 3.0l?

    I've got a '98 ranger with a 3.0l and it has an obvious spun bearing. I was wondering if bumping up the oil's viscosity on the next change would help squeeze a little more life out of the motor before it kicks a rod through the block (if so, what viscosity would you recommend?). Any feedback is...
  4. 3.0 vulcan v6 engine compatibility

    someone please tell me how to delete this haha, problem has been resolved
  5. Oxygen Sensors: which brands/models best for drop-in replacement ?

    I've a '97 3.0 xlt longbox. It pretty well needs all new sensors, but for now I'm going to replace all the O2's, which OBDII is bitching about. I understand there's 3 of them, 2 pre, 1 post. There seems to be quite a range of prices and manufacturers, and some say "drop in", some "modding...
  6. FORD2011

    need help with 99 ranger fuel system

    i am putting a 99 4.0 sohc from an explorer into my 99 3.0 ranger. i believe the swap will be pretty simple the only problem i see is fuel pressures the sohc runs a 65-75 psi where my 3.0 runs at 30-40 how could i increase my fuel pressure can i just change the regulator? will the entire...

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