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  1. A/C & Heat out of defrost only

    2000 mazda b3000 4wd 3.0l v6 regular cab a/c and heat come out of the windshield defrost only. how can i remedy this? I assume its a vaccum system. kinked hose? leaking hose? gem box? help!!!!! It's hot out!!!!:bawling:
  2. maemae

    Vacuum issue: HVAC only out defroster vents.

    So I know this topic has been posted here many times before, but I still can't find my solution. I have a 2004 ranger 2.3L 2 wheel drive, which has the hvac only coming out the defroster. I read that it is a vacuum line issue, so I looked at my lines under the hood. I realized that the gray...