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  1. stamina

    what other things should i replace with the cylinder heads removed?

    i’m going to remove the cylinder heads here soon to replace the lifters, what else should i replace while i’m in there? here’s what i already got in the shopping cart, pushrods, lifters, all gaskets that will be removed in the process and new head bolts. should i do rockers as well? along with...
  2. High rpm flutter/miss

    I have a 83 ranger I recently did the duras park swap on. Put in Holley 2 barrel have had no problems since I sorted out electrical. Now the truck is running fine but when the engine gets warm and I get the rpm's up it develops like a flutter or miss exhaust is a little to loud to tell but def...
  3. Danger.

    4.0 valve train

    Hey guys, i just joined here hopefully you can help me out I have a 93 ranger and i did my research and know they have lube issues in the top end, it all started in the winter it would make a quick 7 or 8 taps then it would be gone now my ranger makes a ungodly rattle when i am at high way speed...
  4. 2.9 Camshaft Prototype

    My name is Camron, and I've been in contact with ColtCams. They say that they would be interested in making an aftermarket cam for the 2.9 I just wanted to get on and see how many people would actually be interested in this product. They say it will have higher lift and duration, and are 99...

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