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  1. stamina

    how to install valve lifters on 2.9l without tearing the whole thing apart

    how do i install brand new valve lifters on a 2.9 v6 without tearing the whole thing apart. she’s ticking like all hell. i saw a video where a guy removed the valve cover, then rocker arms, then pushrods and used a grabber type tool to pull the lifters out? is this possible on the 2.9 or could...
  2. Gabe03

    Engine ticking

    So I have a 91 ranger with a 2.9l and I'm hearing ticking on the driver side of the engine. It ticks whether it's hot or cold. I opened the valve cover and ran it. All the rockers are getting plenty of oil. Any chance it's an injector. Just want to know the problem before spending money trying...
  3. 4.0 ltr V6 valve adjustment

    Hi new member I got a 1995 Ford ranger V6 OHV and I can't find any numbers to set my valves so does anyone know what I have to set them too Thanks for the help
  4. Heads 3.0L V6 1992 Ranger

    I just put a set of rebuilt heads on my truck. I decided to check for leaks befroe putting the intake and exhaust on the engine. I put 80 psi of air into the cylinder through the spark plag hole. I can hear air and barely feel air in the intake and exhaust ports. The bleeds down from 80 psi to...
  5. Photos of Head/Valves

    Hello, While I've posted a few threads discussing my vehicle troubles. I wanted to post these photos along with what I've learned so far. I had hoped to find a blown head gasket, however that didn't happen. All my problems started with a poorly running engine. It would idle high and...
  6. 86 ranger 4x4 no compression #2 cylinder

    ok well i just bought an 86 ranger for $550.00. it runs but not very well. I did a compression check (engine wasnt warmed up) #1 150 psi #2 0 psi #3 130 psi #4 130 psi #5 130 psi #6 125 psi i added some oil to number 2 and retested multiple times. no change. also my battery was starting to...

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