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valve adj

  1. stamina

    anything to do after valve adjustment?

    is there anything i should make sure i do after adjusting valves and preloading lifters before i reinstall valve covers? likeshould i run it for a while then shut her off and let her cool down to adjust again? or should i run the motor to check if the noise is gone and then reinstall if it’s...
  2. stamina

    what am i supposed to spin to make the motor turn in the truck and what size is the socket?

    i have the valve covers off and i’m spinning the nut behind the fan with a 36mm wrench and i don’t see the rockers or pushrods moving, am i spinning the wrong thing? and if i’m supposed to spin the bottom pulley to turn the motor, what socket am i supposed to use?
  3. stamina

    adjust valve train hot or cold?

    i am going to adjust my valves soon and i’m wanting to know if i should do it while the engine is warm or when the engine is completely cool. i see LOTS of different things on the internet.

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