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vaccum line

  1. 2.5L ('98-'01) Heater control valve vacuum line

    So while trying to diagnose why i have no heat in my truck i found that the heater control valve was missing the vacuum line and i cant find any disconnected lines anywhere, i also cant find any mention of where the other end of the line is, i tried pressing the valve manually and when pressed...
  2. Vacuum lines

    anyone have a diagram or some knowledge about where why vaccum lines run, i have a motorcraft 2100 carburetor on a 1985 lincoln town car 5.0 i belive there are 3 ports on the carburetor...
  3. Vacuum Line Diameter

    Hey Guys, I have a '85 Ranger 2.3L gas engine and the green plastic vacuum line that I think leads to ERG solenoid broke off. I am looking for a replacement online but I am not sure what the inner diameter is and I don't got a ruler at hand to go out and measure. Is it 3mm? 3.5mm?