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v8 ranger

  1. How do I pass emissions in Illinois with a 302 swap in my 04 4.0 Ranger ?

    So I live in Illinois and I have wanted to drop a 302 into my Ranger. I have done all my research and pretty much got the swap itself figured out but I can not manage to figure out how I can pass emissions since I still want the truck street legal. I plan on using a Holley sniper efi so means...
  2. HELP please : 2wd to 4wd

    Howdy. I have a 96 ranger with a 5.0 love this truck the only thing that's lacking is that its a 2wd I was wanting to know if anyone has ever done the swap? and how would i go about that??? maybe someone could direct me to a forum that shows how to do this. I have a 96 exploder that i...
  3. Help. 97 v8 swap in 2001 edge 4x4.

    What's going on guys. I have a 2001 ranger edge 4x4 that had the 4.0 I got a donor explorer 1997 5.0l that I took the running motor and trans and dropped it in my ranger. I used the return line for the fuel on my stock fuel line and used a one way filter I also got the the engine completely...
  4. CoreyTilton

    Corey and Elise's 1983 V8 Ranger build - aka - Project Interceptor

    Hi guys! my name is Corey, live with my girlfriend Elise about 17 miles south of Boston MA. I'm big fan of older body styled boxy fords. I have a mildly done up street 93 F150, and an 82 econoline that has been custom converted to 4x4. but ive always had a really big Crush on really small, mid...

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