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  1. The_Ranger_Dude

    Power Mirror 06 swap on a 97 Ranger

    Did my own power mirror swap and figured I’d show how. no drilling, just a dremel and some easy wiring in an hour ish.
  2. FillMarr

    Using 03 model dome light on 07 ranger

    Hey all, I just swapped my 03 RWD ranger for an 07 4x4 this year. Loving it. One thing I miss is having the dome light switch on the actual light. The roll switch/dimmer near the headlight switch isn't accessible by the passenger. I want to know if there is a way to use an older-style dome...
  3. Clutch choices and fluid question

    So imma need to replace my clutch soon and this truck is my daily driver in the busy Streets and highways of LA, and i was wondering whats the difference between an autozone clutch and persay an exedy oem clutch or stage 1 as an upgrade. Also i filled my tranny with generic shield ATF it said...
  4. thcscubajohn

    Dana 35 carrier/housing upgrade

    Hello Ranger rangers, I am in the process of building a monster and need some suggestions. Im working with a 94 4L (soon to be a 4.3) gonna use everything Tom Morana makes for the ohv. The expected output is~ 450 ft lbs and im going to probably use a tremec viper 6 speed with a first gear ratio...
  5. 2001 Ranger 4x4 axle, suspension upgrade ???'s

    I hope this is the correct category for this post. If not, my apologies. I have a 2001 4x4 with 4.10 gears. I'm installing a fiberglass kit to widen the front and rear fenders by 4". It also has larger wheel openings that will allow me to install 35" tires with stock suspension. I'm also...
  6. can I put a 4 barrel carb on my 86 ranger with 2.0

    Never mind
  7. 4wd LT rear suspension upgrade

    I've been doing some research into doing a 4wd LT upgrade from Dixon bros/Vegas desert fab and I pretty much know what I need to do for the front, but I still am a little confused about the rear. Is there such a kit where I don't have to cut the bed? such as just upgrading the leafs and shocks...
  8. Wheel/tire upgrade for 2003 Ranger XL?

    Need advice. Interested in upgrading the stock wheels tires on a 2003 Ranger XL, regular cab, 118" wheelbase, 3.0V6... all stock, no lift. Really like the look of Pro Comp 7089 Series Alloy Wheels and specs of Michelin Latitude Touring tires. Question: would there be any problems with the...
  9. Reaper1354

    Transmission upgrade?

    Just curious as to the best transmission I could use. I currently have the 4.0 ohv in my 97 ranger auto. I will being a swap with a sohc from an explorer (1997-2000) and was wondering what transmission I should use, considering that it is a daily driver and I WILL be adding more power down the...
  10. Need more power outta 2.3

    I have a 96 ranger stick shift 2wd with a 2.3. What's the best way to give my truck a little bigger balls. I know the obvious answer is a 302 swap but this is my only vehicle ATM so this isn't am option. And my pockets aren't very deep. Not looking to hit the autobahn or pull a horse trailer...
  11. Dirmaid

    Tranny Conversions

    We all know that the newer ranger trannies become pieces of abstract art in most high power situations, right? I'm no expert on transmissions, but I do know many people love their 4.0 SOHC engines, and it is just sad that we have to leave this platform due to the weak link that sits behind it. I...
  12. 2011 ranger chip

    Hey, just wondering if there are any decent chips for the 2011 ranger that arent like 200 bucks. im not looking for anything special just something to squeeze every drop i can out of my new truck.
  13. How To: Install Underdash Lights

    I recently decided to add more lights to the interior of my 89 Ranger, taking an idea used on F-150's I incorporated it into my ranger, this is how I did it. 1. Find some light sockets out of a donor vehicle, any Ford Truck will work, or car for that matter, I got mine out of an 86 Mercury...
  14. 1994 Ranger xlt 4x4 4.0L V6 Performance Upgrades and Maintenance

    Where should I start? I want two main things... more power, and more clearance (surprised?). Right now everything on the truck is stock and has been well maintained throughout the life of the truck. I am a Forestry student that would like to be use my truck on the highway and off road with out...
  15. Replacement Side Mirror Bolt-on Upgrade for 95 Ranger XLT?

    Hey guys, new to the board, and just got my first Ford Ranger :headbang:. She's a green XLT 4 cyclinder and needs a few replacement parts: the first being the passenger side mirror. I've seen a thread or two from searching about upgrading to newer generation side mirrors but can't find exactly...

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