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turn signal problems

  1. Hazards work Turn signals do not.

    I replaced all headlight/taillights with LEDS and the turn signals, then they stopped working, they turn on and still act as hazards but no blinkers I have checked every fuse and even replaced the turn signal stalk and the "relay". Any ideas what to check or do next thank you.
  2. 2004 Ford ranger pressed O/D button and broke turn signals

    I was driving my ranger when I accidentally pushed the overdrive button when I pressed it to turn it on the parking brake light and abs light immediately turned on, when I press the overdrive button now the O/D light doesn’t appear and turn signals stopped working as well got home checked my...
  3. Turn signal issue

    Put new led headlamps on my 2011 Ford Ranger Sport. Front left turn signal does not work and the rear flashes rapidly. All hazards work fine. Any ideas?
  4. Hazard/Turn signal issue has me stumped. Some success.

    Hello, I have a 1997 XLT 4x4 with the 4.0. I use this truck daily for my mail truck, until I get a new one then it will be my woods truck. For my profession hazards and turn signals are really important. So here is my issue. 99% of the time when I use my hazards or turn signals they work fine...

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