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  1. HELP please : 2wd to 4wd

    Howdy. I have a 96 ranger with a 5.0 love this truck the only thing that's lacking is that its a 2wd I was wanting to know if anyone has ever done the swap? and how would i go about that??? maybe someone could direct me to a forum that shows how to do this. I have a 96 exploder that i...
  2. Finding Ford F-250 Emblems

    Hey, whats going on everyone! I just joined this forum today and I'm looking for a Ford F-250 Illuminated Emblems for the model year 2011. so if u know anyone out there just let me know! Thank you.
  3. Problem with AC/Idle

    Hey guys I am in need of assistance, My truck has had a problem idling with the ac or defrost on and i have no idea why. The truck idles fine when ac is off but when the ac/defrost is on then the rpms fluctuate from 1000 to about 500 until i start to accelerate again. does anyone have any idea...
  4. 1979 ford f150 4wd auto prerunner

    Hello I'm looking for some advice. I have a 1979 f150 custom 4x4 with a 351m in it. It's completely stock nothing upgraded on it. I have had the idea of making it into a prerunner. I have decent skills for fabrication and a good shop to do so in but I just can't find the parts to build the...
  5. Made it!! FORD or BUST! 250k!

    My headgasket sprung a small leak about 10,000 miles ago. body full of rust. i don't think it will see 300k but really that depends if i want to fix the headgasket.... i bought this truck 10 years ago at 127k miles. i cant believe i kept it this long. still runs like a top!!
  6. Rangurr

    Dog Boxes

    I'm looking to find a dog box for the back of my flareside that will fit in there nicely. I need at least two slots for dogs and storage up on the top and possibly behind. Has anybody seen any around like that? If not, does anybody have any design ideas? I'm looking to fill 40" by either 48" or 72".
  7. Looking for good leveling Kit

    Hey guys I have a 2002 Ranger XLT regular cabshort bed 2.3L 5 speed 2WD and I am looking for a good leveling kit to level out my truck. Anyone know any good products?
  8. Width between back seats?

    Hey guys I was wondering what the width between both of the back seats folded out would be, I'm looking forward to putting 4 12s in my 03 Ranger and I need to know.
  9. kurama49

    2011 Ford ranger buildup

    I'm back with a new ranger! 2011 Ford Ranger 4x2 sport. 4.0L V6 5spd Oxford white 11kms and posi :O I've had it for 2 days now... Its currently in getting a new lightning style exhaust put on it... But the shop screwed up BIG TIME. the new worker there somehow.. just SOMEHOW managed to cut my...
  10. Noob...

    Whats goin on guys. Got an 87' Ranger that I just picked up. It has the 2.9 in it and its a strong, solid truck. Has 155,xxx miles on it and had oil changes every 3k, regularly serviced, and was being sold by original owner... 73 Year old man. Very good find indeed. Whole truck is in mint...
  11. Hi from Truck & Trailer (China) LTD

    Hi from Joyce from China, glad to join this forum. Our business line: 1. Distribution of all SINOTRUK(CNHTC) trucks - Brands: SINOTRUK, HOWO, HOWO A7, GOLDEN PRINCE/SWZ10, HOKA, * Trucks: Dump Truck/Tipper, Tractor Truck, Cargo Truck, CNG Truck, Concrete Mixer Truck, Bulk Cement Tanker...
  12. ClodSlayer

    Just a few questions here...

    I have a old, rusty '87 ford ranger 4x4 that I am currently fixing up with my dad :icon_welder: and I have two questions... First, are there any alternatives to the bed bolts? They are rusted right out and they are like $15 apiece off lmc truck and that is just the bolt then there is the clips...
  13. power company truck

    i recently got a 2006 ford ranger. the guy i bought it from said it was originally a truck for a power company. on looking the truck over, i found some interesting things, one being a little silver box behind the drivers seat. it has ports on all sides, they are labeled: PW BZ, L and R, LED, L/R...
  14. gearstick rattles like crazy

    its just started to happen, its very annoying riding 60 down the road and all i can hear is that darn stick rattling. any ideas? oh and another thing thats happening is the truck wants to buck like crazy when i change from 1st to second, to third. it stops bucking after third
  15. 06RangerXLT

    Dam this truck cleans up nice!

    so i decided since i had some time off (:yahoo:) id clean the truck. and i mean REALLY clean the truck. so heres my end results. i love wheelin but i like a shiny truck sooooo much better lol :icon_hornsup: \ By the way. its almost 5 years old and 42,500km. for the americans in the crowd...

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