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  1. Pix3L8

    4 wheel drive question

    Hi, guys just had a quick question. I recently swapped my bronco from an A4ld transmission to a fm145 manual transmission. when I did this I reused the original bg 1350 transfer case. A little while after the swap my "shift on the fly" 4x4 stopped working, so I replaced the t-case motor. When I...
  2. Unkown Clicking Sound?!

    1989 Bronco II with 1992 Explorer 4.0, Dana 35, (godawful) A4LD, Auto Hubs, and BW1350 Electrical T-Case. After replacing the front brakes, the vehicle began clicking, and was especially noticeable when coasting. The sound is difficult to pinpoint from the cabin, as we (my dad and I) can't...
  3. 89 b2 t-case help!

    Hi all, I'm new to TRS so bare with me. I am having issues with my transfer case/transfer case shift motor. I recently put it in 4lo and when i tried to take it out it came out of low but not 4. So thinking it was the t-case motor i got the new 90 some odd dollar motor and it is having the same...
  4. Transmissions for a 5.0

    i have a 94 ranger with the 4.0 v6 and i was wondering if my stock trany and transfercase will work with the 5.0 if i just get a new bell housing. if not any suggestions?
  5. 84bluebronco2

    1350M vs 1354M

    If I'm not mistaken, the 1350 has 4 planetary gears vs the 1354's 6 gears. I know about the different front outputs as well. Would a 1350M hold up behind a 4.0/M5OD that isn't used for any serious off road? I'd rather have a manual T-Case, and I'm not striking much luck in finding a 1354M for...

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