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  1. GT-40 Torque Monster Headers for sale

    I would post this in the for sale section but it's sorta 5.0 swap specific so I don't know for sure where they should go but I have these on Craigslist now if anybody's interested. http://columbusga.craigslist.org/pts/5533087387.html
  2. transmission swap

    Hi, I am swapping out a trans on my 05 fx4 ranger. The new one came with a torque converter but I left the old one in. I can't get the trans to seat properly, I can get all the bolts in but there is still about a 3/8 inch gap, the dowels are lined up but aren't going in. I was thinking the...
  3. Torque Spec on Driveshaft Bolts

    Hey guys I was replacing my slave cylinder and clutch and I'm now putting the drive shaft back on. What is the torque specs on the drive shaft bolts, where the drive shaft meets the rear differential? The truck is a 1993 ranger xlt with the 2.3l 5 speed Thanks!
  4. Dana 35 survey

    Survey; are all Dana 35 front 4x4 manual hub nuts the same? (seems they would be) for all size trucks that have D-35. when torque to 150+ the inner nut wants to spin, the retainer ring wants to ride up on the spindle. (the warn ring stretched, the Highway ring threaded) I fashioned a spanner...
  5. idriveafordranger94

    4.0L OHV Torque to Yield Bolts

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of tearing down my Ranger's 4.0L and have a few questions. I know the cylinder head bolts are torque to yield, so those will need replaced, but what about the 3 big 15mm (I think) bolts that hold the rocker rail down on each head? They were really tight when taking...

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