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tk5.toyo koygo

  1. TexasDuck66

    Found! Toyo Koygo 5 Speed 4WD

    Hey there, I am in search of a Toyo Koygo 5 Speed with a 4WD tail housing for my 83' 2.3L 4x4 with a TK4 and I just wanted the extra gear so I can travel to Tennessee and back when I go on leave from the military during holidays/vacation.
  2. 2wdranger87

    need help asap for swap

    :icon_cheers:ok i have a 1987 ford ranger 4x4 with a a4ld and its shot. i also own a 1987 ranger 2wd with the toyo koygo 5 speed.. and i was wondering if i can take my tk5 and put it into the 4x4. everything i have been reading about these swaps is about differnet trans. i really need to know...

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