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  1. 1984 Ford Ranger going needs lots of help thanks in advance.

    I inherited a 84 v6 ford ranger from my grandpa after he passed and been trying to get it up and running, issue is it sat for 17ish years so it leaves lots of love and then some. If this is not the right forum please move it to the correct one didn't know witch to post it in. So far new gas...
  2. For Sale 8-Slot Ranger Wheels & Tires - $325

    Reply here or via Craigslist if interested! Thanks. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pts/d/seattle-ford-ranger-wheels-tires/7208544165.html
  3. TwooD

    Will it fit stock?

    Hey guys I just picked up a set of 225 75R 16 tires and im wondering will they fit on my 99 b4000 with no upgrades? Im currently running 265 75R 15's. Also with the tire swap would i need to get the spedo rechecked or whatever it is cause of the tire diffrence?
  4. Kryz107

    2008 fx4 3 inch lift biggest tire size?

    Hey guys, I have a 08 FX4 with a 3 inch levelling lift kit.(3 inch front 2 inch rear). I wanna know what would be the biggest tire size i could go? i have 265 duratracs on it right now. i also wanna go with 18's or 20's and have that low profile mt tires look. some guys tell me 33's some say...
  5. Will this lift fit my truck???

    hi, im looking at buying a 3" Rough country ranger lift fit my 02 mazda b4000, all i have seen thus far is the rough country lift for ranger up to 1997 it seems that they switched the front ends up a bit from 98+ 4wd models so anyone know if it will still fit? also what would you reccomend for...
  6. B2 Spare tire carrier

    Anyone know where I can find parts for a B2 swing out spare tire carrier? Specifically the rubber pieces?
  7. irregular tire wear

    I drove from NY all the way to KY the other day went i got to KY i notice my front driver side tire was worn down to the medal thread in the tires. i inspected the other tires and they were all worn naturally. My brakes tend grab the wheel and turn it to the left (my left as in i'm sitting in my...
  8. will these fit?

    hey everyone, i have an 88 ranger. will these fit with no problem on my truck? they are off a 1999 mustang gt http://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/pts/2980769734.html the tire size i currently have is 225 75 15 these new ones are 245 40 17 i know the 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern is the same will the...
  9. PRanger

    Nitto trail grapplers 285/70/16

    Will a 285/70/16 tire fit on a stock suspension 1998 4x4 supercab no rubbing and no trim work? What do you think of the trail grapplers from Nitto?
  10. Picking ATV Tires

    I've got an '05 YFZ450 thats about due for some new rears and was looking into Maxxis razr's and ITP holeshot's. I'm in ca and I mainly ride on hard pack. does anyone have experience with these tires?
  11. max tire size

    i have a 2006 ranger supercab 4x4, and i was wondering what the biggest size tires i can fit on it without lifting it anymore...there is already a 2 inch lift on it..

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