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tire fitment

  1. In need of tire sizing help

    I've got a stock 2009 2wd xlt ranger and am in need of help sizing my tires. I've heard that you can put 31s on it with no lift and rubbing, so that's the size I'm going for. the tires that are currently are on there are L215/75R15. I don't know how to size a tire to fit it on my rim, and...
  2. Kryz107

    2008 fx4 3 inch lift biggest tire size?

    Hey guys, I have a 08 FX4 with a 3 inch levelling lift kit.(3 inch front 2 inch rear). I wanna know what would be the biggest tire size i could go? i have 265 duratracs on it right now. i also wanna go with 18's or 20's and have that low profile mt tires look. some guys tell me 33's some say...
  3. 96 ranger 4x4 tire fitment

    hey, i just purchased a 96 ranger 4x4 completely stock in need of new tires like yesterday... i want to put the biggest tires on it as possible. i have heard that 31x10.5r15's will fit but i need to be sure before i make this purchase any thoughts?
  4. 30's or 31's on a stock Explorer?

    Hope I'm not rehashing an old topic, but couldn't find info for my application. The family vehicle is a 99 Mountaineer that needs tires this weekend or maybe next. I'd like too step up to a set of 30x9.5's or, better yet, 31x10.5's. Does anyone know if these will fit with a stock suspennsion...