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  1. Photos of Head/Valves

    Hello, While I've posted a few threads discussing my vehicle troubles. I wanted to post these photos along with what I've learned so far. I had hoped to find a blown head gasket, however that didn't happen. All my problems started with a poorly running engine. It would idle high and...
  2. Ignition Problem?

    Hello, first time poster here. I purchased an 87 ranger about 2 months ago. Just recently had a problem where I started the car, it immediatley sounded off. Like it was working way to hard and did not feel comfortable at all. I went to turn off the ignition, didn't help, took out the...
  3. '95 Ranger 2.3L Timing Question

    How to set timing on 95 Ranger 2.3L? HELP! My vehicle is a 1995 Ford Ranger XL 2WD with a 2.3l SOHC engine. I just got a great deal on this truck but the guy I bought it off of changed the timing pulley ( I think that's what it's called) on it and said that he wasn't sure if the timing was...
  4. How to set distributor timing

    All the instructions I have available say to "disconnect the vacuum" at the distributor. Well, my truck does not have a vacuum advance on the distributor. If I shine the timing light on the crankshaft pulley while the engine is at idle, with everything connected and the engine warm, it looks...
  5. ranger 2.8 timing chain replacement

    workin on a 1985 ranger 2.8 carb v6 timing chain/belt broke wondering if anybody had a diagram or instructions to possibly help me with this process

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