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timing adjustment

  1. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: Max base timing advance for 1990 Ford Bronco II 2.9

    Hey there. I was wondering if the 2.9 can handle anything more than the 12 degrees base advance for a little more power? I currently have it set back to the stock 10 degrees advance so that I was able to pass CA smog and now that i have passed i was about to set it back to 12 but wanted to know...
  2. TexasDuck66

    2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3L High Idle

    Hey there, I've got an 83' Ranger 2.3L 4x4 I'm restoring right now. I just had the timing belt, camshaft seal, front main seal, fuel filter, and a fresh oil change done. Ever since I got this work done, the truck has been idling high and when I shut the truck off, it continues to sputter and act...
  3. help setting timing

    Well i managed to get my truck started, but i was looking in the haynes manual and it says in order to set the timing use the SET TIMING CONNECTOR or the SHORTENING BAR. i need help locating them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :icon_confused:
  4. Acceleration/power issues. Timing? Misfire? Help..

    Recently bought a 94 ranger xl 4x4 v6 3.0 manual. When I accelerate it feels like it's just not getting all the power to the wheels..bogs going up hills, and acceleration isn't consistent. Rpms move smoothly, but acceleration slows and speeds up and so on, as if I was feathering the gas...

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