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throttle cable

  1. 1997 3.0 V6 Throttle Cable

    Recently took a 2000 km trip this February the day after a 50cm snowfall and through -26 C weather through much of the journey in my 1997 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6. Only issue was at one point the throttle cable got caught and stuck half open. Sometimes when it's cold it sticks at just a little bit of...
  2. Nez'sRanger

    Throttle Cable Fix

    My 89's throttle cable was stretched by nearly 0.800", so that didn't allow me to open the throttle nearly as far as it should have. That killed me going uphill, when she needed more gas! I read the Tech article about putting zip-ties on the cable to take the slack out, and liked it, but mine...
  3. Acclerator cable

    so I've noticed some play in my accelerator cable and decreased throttle response. The cable has some play in it and I think the springs are worn out (I have no idea how old the cable is), and I just want to replace it. I have the 2WD 3.0 V6 FlexFuel XLT model and would like to just replace it...
  4. a couple of questions?

    im using a explorer hd radiator what hoses d use for an 84 5.0 swap into an 89 ranger? any ideas/pics of a hydralic clutch assembly for a t5? what type of throtle cable can be used fr the carb swap? does anyone know how to wire the alternator and voltage rgulator from the 84 5.0 intote pickup...
  5. throttle cable?

    i have an 89 ranger with a carb 5.0 in it wat kind of throttle cables can be used?

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