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  1. plaligraphy

    A4LD Port plug question?

    What is this plug right above the shift linkage for? Could i possibly use it for my trans temp gauge? Thank you 90’ Ranger A4LD
  2. oil pressure and water temp gauges w/ V8

    I have a 1991 4.0L XLT ranger with a V8. Im installing a flip kit so I can use my new one piece driveshaft. Id like to take it for its first drive this week when its finished but I don't want to run it without water and oil gauges. Id like to use the stock gauges. Which wire goes to the oil...
  3. Transmition Fluid Help

    Here's the breakdown Went and played in the snow with my bronco II i negelected to watch my trans fluid temp and stopped at it had hit 290F So i stopped and checked no nasty brown fluid but it smells burnt. So my question is a hot flush and band adjustment nessasary now? Things to consider, the...
  4. Jr. Roy

    Engine temp. Gage - function: negative - 1989 Ranger

    My '89 2.9l EFI engine temp. gage has not worked since i bought it 4 years ago - anyone have similar problems? whats the best way to track down the engine temp. gage sensor - the haynes manual seem inaccucate and my local parts store had a two pronged senors whereas i thought i needed a single...

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