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  1. 3.0L Vulcan Transplant - Computer Help Needed!

    I was given a 3.0L V6 from a 99 Ranger. Included was the ECU, Engine wiring harness, and 5speed trans. (I have an under hood fuse box and wiring harness from a 98 Explorer.. Pinning appears to be close). Originally I was going to keep engine as a spare for my rebodied 2003 Ranger (has 1940 Ford...
  2. Can Taurus non-PATS ECM be used ?

    :icon_confused:Has anyone used a non-PATS ECM (i.e. 97 Taurus) with a 98-99 Ranger 3.0? I have a spare motor and 5speed that I'd like to install in an old MGB roadster I have. I've got the engine and trans mounted in the car, and now need to figure out wiring... I've got the engine wiring...
  3. Tom Morana 1.8 Roller Rockers for V6 3.0 vulcan

    Hi Everyone! I have a 91' Taurus and I was looking for way to increase power/efficiency and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about 1.8 roller rockers from Tom Morana. I spoke to him on the phone twice and each time he was confident that his product would fit without complications or...

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