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  1. neinnein_nein

    1984 Fuel tank and fuel sending unit replacement

    hey guys, I've been trying to fix a bad fuel sending unit on my 1984 2.0L 2wd. Got a 1986 in-tank pump assembly and I believe a 1983 and they are both different from my old one and both don't fit. I read somewhere that even if I could get it to fit physically the sending unit runs on a different...
  2. Gasoline smell in garage

    Sorry if wrong forum, could not find this topic under the help headings. Occasionally I note a vague gasoline smell by the driver door of my '95 Ranger. This is in the garage only, never experience it anywhere else. I got under the truck with bright lights and a mini video camera and tried...
  3. Bronco II gas tank in my 91' Ranger XLT

    Got a rear mounted Bronco II gas tank and planning to install it in my 91 4.0 (now 5.0) Ranger. Figured I would put some pictures on here and maybe get some ideas from whoever has some.
  4. gas tank relocation

    anybody ever moved the gas tank into the bed?
  5. 93 Ranger X Cab 4.0 4WD 5spd fuel capacity questions

    So ive had my ranger for about 3 months now and i absolutely love the truck.Ive put alot of work into the truck and im going to keep improving it until its perfect in my eyes. But onto my questions...i have been told my truck is a 21 gallon tank and its a 20 or a 19.6 gallon tank. Currently i...
  6. Coolant Reservoir

    I have a crack in my coolant reservoir, dealer wants dealer prices. I try a junk yard who has two compatible years but neither of them were close to mine. I'm trying to find out where else I could look for such a specific part besides the dealer. 2001 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3L 2WD Auto Thanx for any...

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