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  1. Biggie

    I can’t find any other rangers with this particular tailgate design. Is my truck the chosen one?

    As mentioned in the title, I can’t seem to find any tailgate decal patterns like mine. Could this be some strange aftermarket modification, or a sign that my Ranger is meant to be the prettiest of all the V6s? If it helps, it’s an 87.
  2. 1987-88 Ford Ranger XLT Tailgate

    I have a question you may be able to answer me on: is it true that the 1987 and '88 Ranger XLT pickups used a brushed-aluminum tailgate with the Ford oval logo on the right side (like the 1989-92 Ranger XLTs do)? I also wonder if my theory can be proven in a 1987 and/or '88 Ford Ranger...
  3. Bronco tire carrier on a Ranger

    I'm sure somebody's done something like this, i'd like to put a spare tire carrier across my tailgate like a bronco, wrangler, blazer, etc would have, i just like how they look plus then i'm not out another taillight next time my buddy rear-ends me; anyways, i'd need it to be able to swing out...
  4. hatch

    I was wondering if anybody has ever replaced there rear hatch with the window that doesent open to a rear hatch with a opening window. any ideas or suggestions.
  5. Ford Ranger XLT Truck Bed?

    Hey, I recently purchased a 1996 Ranger. But the bed is completely rusted. I either need to go to a junkyard or ebay. So far on ebay i have had no luck.. Anyone either have a bed or know someone who does? And oh yeah, i live in jersey. Benjamins.carlin@gmail.com Thats the best way of...
  6. r1hatman

    83 Tailgate cable issues

    I've got and 83 that had a broke tailgate cable when I bought it. I got one from a junkyard like new for it. but when I went to put it on, where the bolt goes into the tailgate, there is nothing there for it to screw into. Does anyone have a diagram of the tailgate latch assembly(on the sides)...
  7. r1hatman

    83 4x4 in North Knoxville

    Hey guys, I am new here just got a 83 ranger 4x4 at a couple of months ago, traded a 95 taurus even for it. Runs good. Had to put a new tranny filter/ fluid, high mileage oil change, and a pcv valve, and a/c belt on it, but it runs fine. I drove it home. I haven't had time to take it off road...

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