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  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) 1991 Ranger 2.3 Turbo Swap Tachometer Not Working

    I'm finishing up an engine swap from a 1988 Thunderbird Turbocoupe into my Ranger, it's a '91 that had the N/A 2.3 in there before the swap, so it has been mostly plug and play. After ironing out some fuel issues, it seems to start and idle fine now, but I found that the tachometer isn't working...
  2. Tachometer Circuitry

    Okay, first post... here we go! :headbang: 1991 ford ranger, 2.3L, Custom edition. Stock Tachometer, part #F07F-10E853-DA N This model either came with a tachometer or it was added before I owned it but it's wired up correctly so that's not the question. I've been searching for days online and...
  3. stock tach 4.0 to 5.0

    ok I searched threw the forums and technical info and couldn't find what I was looking for. The question is, doing the V8 swap on a 94 ranger. How difficult is it to get the stock 4.0 tach to work with the 5.0, or is this an impossible thing.
  4. 4BTranger

    Cummins swap done, need tach signal help

    The truck is an 02' 2wd with a 4bt. It's a runner and driver now and I have every gauge working except the tach. When I got the truck it didn't have a motor so I am looking for some help on how the original setup worked and if I can use the original Ranger tach. The 4bt does not have a tach...
  5. V8 tach for tack conversion

    I've read so mang forums about making my stock 4.0 tach work with my 5.0 conversion I'm thoroughly overwhelmed. What I believe is the easiest and most full proof way is to get a tach from an F150 with a 5.0 which should plug right in. Do I still need to change some of the pin locations with this...
  6. William Spitzer

    98 ranger aftermarket tach help

    I got a sunpro tach for pretty cheap and i wanted to hook it up, I can get The light in the tach to turn on but I can't find the wire to splice into to make the tach actually work, I've read everything I can find but I can't figure it out, it's. 98 with the 3.0, 5 speed, Any suggestions would be...
  7. Install Cluster W/Tach!

    Hello, everyone! I am new to the site and was wondering about changing out my cluster for one that has a tach, there seems to be some really sharp people on here and I would say someone has done this very thing before and would know what needs to be done to do this. My truck is a 1996 Ranger...
  8. 01 Sport Trac Instrument Cluster in 95 Ranger - Wiring Diagram for either?

    I swapped out my bad cluster without tach with a good condition Sport Trac cluster with tach. Everything works without issue except for the tach. It will show proper idle rpms, but will not go above 2000 or so. I spoke with a mechanic and he stated that the tach needed a ground cable...
  9. Tach in 1988 Ranger?

    I have a 1988 2.9L 4x4 Ranger . Was hoping someone could inform me if there was a wire on the gauge cluster harness or fuse in the fuse panel that i could hook my RPM wire to ??? Any ideas???
  10. Tach problems on 91 2.3l ranger

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum, but I have been using this site for a while now and I find it extremely helpful. I can usually find an answer to my problem, but I wasn't so lucky this time. The tach on my 91 ranger (with the 2.3l dual plug system) hasn't worked right since i bought the...

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