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t5 swap

  1. 98 ranger 2wd 2.5l- 302 with a t5

    Hello everyone! I have a love for small trucks. Especially the ranger and would love to go 302 efi not carbureted. I know barely anything except i want to keep it manual and rwd. Need setups. The best route to take to begin this process. Thank you all very much
  2. 03 edge with 5.0 Auto to manual T-5 swap

    Hi, I've posted a a couple times through this build to get some help getting it running. I have an 03 Edge with 97 5.0 from mountaineer. I have the auto in and it runs fine but I've always wanted a 302 ranger but always planned on a T5. Since my truck was already auto I went the easy route but I...
  3. T5 for my turbo project

    Currently have a carbureted 302 with a C4, runs great, super fun. In the process of doing a remote twin turbo blowthru installation. Was looking into rebuilding My C4 but its gonna cost to much. I have a T5 that I traded for a gold bracelet I found at the beach. Came with a new clutch, flywheel...

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